Loan Amounts
Financing is only available for amounts from R 40 000.00 and more.  Installments may not be more than 25% of the gross income, whilst a minimum salary of  R 7 500.00 per month is required.

If you are married in community of property a combined salary can be calculated for the installments. 
A marriage certificate will be required in this case.

A 10% deposit will be required for first time vehicle owners.  This may be subject to credit record and salary.

A well maintained credit record (i.e. credit cards, accounts paid when due) will be beneficial with a lower interest rate and smaller deposit.


We can assist with financing at ABSA, FNB (Wesbank), MFC (Motor Finance Corporation) and Standard Bank. 
We require the following documentation to launch the application.

*MFC works in cooperation with Nedbank.


We can also assist clients with insurance, as obtaining insurance is a prerequisite for financing as protection
for the client and the financing institution.


Interest Rates
Interest rates are usually calculated at 15.5% although an interest rate of as little as 13.5% is possible. 
In general the interest rate will not be more than 15%, but not less than 13% fixed. On a linked deal, with the necessary conditions, prime is possible.